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Neurology and Developmental Treatment and Guidance for Children and Young People


CYP Neuro LLP are a team of paediatric neurologists on the UK Specialist register, committed to improving the lives of children and young people through education, research and medical treatment.

CYP Neuro LLP provides specialist medical expertise for diagnosis, treatment, education & training and to advance understanding and practice of paediatric neurology and developmental medicine through research.

Neurology and Developmental Medicine for Children and Young People


Medical and other clinical professionals

CYP Neuro LLP can offer educational opportunities to doctors in training, practicing clinicians and other healthcare professionals. We can support the development of clinical skills in the examination, diagnosis and treatment of children and young people with a neurological condition. Our consultants are award winning clinical educators and have supervised many trainees to achieve their CPD goals.

Pharmaceutical Companies

At CYP Neuro LLP, our consultants have extensive experience and expertise in designing and leading clinical trials. We can work with pharmaceutical companies to offer medical expertise in design and delivery of clinical trials for new treatments that have the potential to improve the quality of life and outcomes for young people with neurological conditions.

NHS hospitals and specialised services

CYP Neuro LLP can offer remote ‘peer to peer’ specialist clinical advice, on-call ‘in patient’ support, acute general paediatric neurology and a range of specialised outpatient clinics, prescribing of specialist medication and support for neuro-surgical services. We work with NHS commissioners to deliver cost effective support remotely, or on-site or with a blended approach.

Academic institutions

CYP Neuro LLP work with Universities to advance scientific practice through research and collaborations. Our consultants are research active clinicians and regularly publish in peer reviewed journals.

Medical device manufacturers

CYP Neuro LLP are leading research into certainty of data from wearable devices in collaboration with the University of Liverpool. The global market for paediatric neurology devices is expected to grow and the UK is one of the leading markets for medical devices in Europe. CYP Neuro LLP offer expertise for data accuracy and product development in real world settings for applied research of medical devices, including wearables and other medical devices.

Private medical providers

CYP Neuro LLP can offer specialised paediatric neurology services to private hospitals and clinics. These services include the review of diagnosis and treatment for a range of neurological disorders in children and young people.

Meet The Team

Drawing on the wisdom of our directors’ combined experience of over 50 years, we support children and young people with neurological conditions through our commitment to being at the fore-front of medical practice, innovation, education and research.

Medical Director

Dr Ram Kumar MA MB BChir MRCP (UK)

Dr Kumar graduated from the University of Cambridge and trained in paediatrics and paediatric neurology starting out in London before moving to the North West of England. He has been a consultant paediatric neurologist since 2007 and undertakes practice in acute and chronic outpatient care across paediatric neurological conditions. He specialises in diagnosis and neurorehabilitation of acquired brain injuries, spasticity and movement disorder management as well as a wide spectrum of general paediatric neurology and acute on call.

Director of Education and Research

Professor Anil Israni, MBBS MD DM FRCPCH

Dr Israni graduated from the University of Baroda, India and trained as a paediatric neurologist at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences New Dehli before moving to the UK. He has been a consultant paediatric neurologist since 2016. He is a highly skilled, award winning doctor with a wide range of expertise in diagnosis and management of paediatric neurological disorders gathered from working in the UK and internationally. His areas of expertise include epilepsy, neurogenetic conditions, neurodevelopmental disorders and neurovascular conditions.


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